Monday, February 1, 2010

Irregularity blows.

I hate being irregular…and uh, not of the back-end variety (ok, I hate that too), but the front-end type. PCOS wreaks havoc on a gal's cycles, and mine are nooo exception. Today, Feb 1 marks CD 67 of this cycle. There was the odd 3 day spotting episode back in mid-Jan, and a 5-day course of Provera last week. I've got the grumps & munchies that PMS usually brings me (thanks, b!atch), but she's nowhere in sight. I still have to get CD3 bloodwork done for the clinic, which I had planned to get done the first cycle after my Dec 7 appt… except I haven't had one yet.

I've done 'all the usual stuff' that one does to bring on a period - failed a beta, peed on sticks (a few of them now), taken clinic-approved drugs (although maybe not the right dosage?) - just haven't worn light colored pants, because I hate that embarrassment. However, I may have to wear light colored jeans tomorrow when I'm not coming into work, and see if that tempts the b!atch. When I emailed a friend to jokingly borrow her white pants, she replied that I instead should try "…something special… (like) white velour bodysuit with silvery sequins and 3 inch high heeled pleather boots… to show her who's boss" EEEk. A little too special, even for me (and I'm special!)… It'd be like the IF Elvis, HAH. we'll see. I'm sure my dr. will make me POAS tomorrow when I see her, "just in case", and I think I might drop into the clinic to find out what RE suggests… because really. My followup with OB is Feb 19 - only 2.5 weeks now. And I'd want to start IVF right after that, so ideally I'd need another period so we can get the ball rolling. See the dilemma? Blows goats. Or donkey balls. Or goats with donkey balls - you decide.

Ok. Rant over. Who ever thought I'd be grumpy that I'm NOT getting my period? Bah.


  1. Mind officially blown. WTF Mother Nature? CD67!!! :-( :-( :-( Come on already so this chick can get her ducks in a row!!!

  2. If I find that bitch, I'll give her the boots for you.