Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DADT - explained a bit.

After my initial DADT post from a few days back, a friend and I got to talking about pg announcements, and my DADT theory in general. While I realize that DADT isn't really practical or realistic, sometimes it would come in handy.

The way I see it working is like this... imagine a busy street, and above some people are signs. Not of the Bill Engvall variety (here's your sign...) but more of a 'proceed with caution' or 'best thing just happened' thing. Above my head would be something to the effect of 'sensitive due to infertility' and it'd be lined with caution tape for effect. the signs would be visible when necessary... the people to whom they'd be visible would be those who need the most help being sensitive. Because it`s people who don`t give a rats arse as to how their news will affect others that makes the whole DADT thing necessary in the first place.

Does that make anymore sense, or should I just give up trying to make sense of my random thoughts? :P


Just an update on the whole irregular cycle thing... today's day 68, and still no sign. I had an acupuncture appt, and she put some contra-pg points in to try and get things moving, and my GP told me to take another 5 days of Provera (for a total of 10 at 10 mg/day). When my GP prescribed PRovera back in the fall, she gave me 10 days at 10mg/day... RE gave me 5 days at 10mg/day.. I realize y'all haven't seen a pic of me, but trust me when i say i'm not "regular dosage size". This makes me worry that the med dosage for IVF will be 'normal' not adjusted for someone who's NOT normal. that list of worries keeps effing growing. cross something off, and add three to it... oy.

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