Thursday, February 4, 2010


69 days later - DGT is pretty much here. I started light spotting around dinnertime, and except full CD1 tomorrow. That means CD3 bw on saturday at the walkin, and such is life.

I have to wonder if the extra acu points that she did yesterday helped at all... i mean, 24 hours after I leave my appt, i start spotting. just bizarre. which means that the clinic WASN"T effed up with the dose of provera, and y'know, maybe they know what they're doing after all :P

Did get a bit of interesting news today though - looks like I'll be going on training in mid April... like Apr 19-21. hopefully that'll be my 2ww... one way to take my mind off things, no? but eeek. could be dicey timing :( and it's really not something i just can't do. ugh ugh ugh. ah well. it'll all work out...

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