Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couple more Chickens in the row...

I have finally gotten in contact with the clinic, and scheduled an appt for J & I to sit down with them and hopefully get the ball rolling on IVF. The appointment will be the morning of St. Patty's Day, so hopefully the luck of the Irish will help us out…

In addition to that, I am starting weekly acupuncture sessions (up from monthly) as of well, today. This will give 4-5 weeks before my suppression injections (hopefully) start, which is what the acus like to have lead up before the meds start.

So… to recap

  • His bloodwork - check
  • Her bloodwork - check
  • Swabs - check 
  • Pap - check
  • Manager in the loop, so hopefully work won't be too much of an issue - check
  • Cash in the bank - check. Eeek.
  • Appt to get things rolling - CHECK.

Gah. It's getting so close! Me nerves! Me nerves!



    Is that getting obnoxious yet? :oP

  2. Okay...this post is even better than the previous one...if that is even possible!!!

  3. Eeek! That's super. :)))))) Many smiles here. Awesome, chickie.