Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm scared....

this whole process is a bit on the scary side - emotionally, physically, etc. Which, I suppose, is completely understandable.

A friend asked today how I was feeling about our upcoming appt.. "oh, a bit pukey, but ok." J. overheard... once we were alone, he was like "so, you're really pukey about hte whole appt thing??" I think I just hide this sh!t well - better than him, anyway. I know J's a basket case about the what if's (esp. the "what if there really IS a litter???"), but I dunno.

Right now, and I mean like RIGHT. NOW. I'm freaking out about how we're not going to be good parents to little J and/or M... Realistically, I know that the child will be loved more than I can fathom, will be fed, clothed, loved s'more, etc. But I still feel like I'm going to fail our kidlet(s)... Like there's a bigger reason we're not parents yet, etc.

Bah. i'm sure it's just that it's late-ish at night, i'm sleep deprived, etc. Here's hoping, anyway.

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