Monday, January 25, 2010

Beta fail

Almost 1.5 weeks ago now I called the clinic to find out about the chances of going on BCP or something so that I could regulate my cycle before we well, cycle. The lines got crossed, and by the time someone called me back later the message was jumbled, so once the nurse figured out what I wanted, all she 'got' was "period MIA" so she asked the RE about Provera, and a scrip was sent to my pharmacy. Before I could start the scrip, I had to get blood drawn for a beta. I told her I'd peed on a couple of sticks, and both were negative, but nooooooooo. Needed the blood drawn. So, I was in the hospital for minor surgery on Thursday anyway, and was able to get the blood drawn then. I finally heard back from the clinic today (I had to call them, of course - I'm not paying yet, so they don't do anything without huge prompting, it seems), and FAIL. Not like it's a huge surprise, but it still hurts. That little tiny glimmer of hope "oh, maybe it just wasn't registering on the stick…" is a bastard. Ah well. Bring it, provera. BRING IT ON. I have a day of dr's appts lined up next week, hopefully I can get the CD3 bw I need that day. Oh wait, that would be convenient, so god knows it won't happen :P


  1. I so wish this had been one of those miracles for you :-( I can't believe AF still hasn't shown up - how frustrating and unnecessary. Let's hope that the med works to get things going so you can get back on track and ready to cycle!

  2. Ya know, I should just give you those white pants, seriously! Blame me for not getting those to you by now. ;)

    Soon! Show = getting on the road, baby! Hugs.