Saturday, January 16, 2010

Confused & annoyed...

For the last three days I have been experiencing the faintest spotting. I'm 99.99999% sure I'm not pregnant (tested earlier this week), but if this is just a precursor to DGT, just bring it, dammit. I need to get CD3 bloodwork done for the RE... if the fflow won't start, can't get the bloodwork, and gah. just :gah: you know. I've had some PMS like symptoms (overly nappy, eating everything in sight, skin breakouts), but no official sign of DGT.  This week at work is going to be all effed up because I'm either in training or training someone else, and then I'm out for two days due to some minor surgery. Taking time to get bloodwork will be a PITA at the best of times, but it has to be done.

I had called the clinic last week to put a message into the RE about starting BCP because o these effed up cycles, and the receptionist apparently screwed up the message, because by the time the RE got the message when she was in a few days later, she had no idea what i wanted, so they had to call me back to figure that out, and then I haven't heard from them since! Hence the annoyed.:gah:

I really hope the clinic is easier to deal with when we're actually cycling... bc I'm pretty annoyed right now, and we haven't even started intense dealings yet...

ETA: I'm really quite down after writing all this... I'd love a huge cry, but it just won't come (yet).  Usually another PMS sign, so maybe the biatch is on her way after all.


  1. If I knew where to find the bitch, I would kick her ass for you.

    I'm sorry this is happening.

  2. I'd say she's due to arrive VERY that you've been realizing your precursors for her they all seem to be showing up so I'm confident she'll be here before long and you'll feel much better to know you can get the blood work going done and you will feel better generally. Just keep remembering, you're getting closer and closer and closer to cycling!!!