Monday, November 23, 2009

Infertility FAIL... x2

First up, this little nugget was spotted on the FB Fan page for '999 reasons to laugh at infertility' (click to enlarge pic - AND, see how good I was to mask the dumbass fertile's identity? I rock...)

Maybe it's just me, but when I read this, it seems as if she got pg a few months of getting off BCP. Well yay for you! Was it the Metformin? No one will ever know. I sure as hell didn't want to be reading this on an infertility humor site. Yes, please count yourself among us infertiles. You had such a struggle. Bitch.

Second... I (along with a number of my friends, fertiles & infertiles alike) received an email this evening that appears to be from Shoppers Drug Mart, informing me that I have won a subscription to Today's Parent magazine. oooh my blood was boiling. This is the second time that SDM has pulled this kinda FAIL... a few years ago I received a sample diaper in the mail. SDM got an ear-full then, and they will get one again now. I believe that the email is actually spam (phished, really - it looked quite realistic... don't worry, I didn't click anything in it), but still, I emailed the company to let them know what happened, and that I was very unhappy to receive this 'offer'. I am not a member of their Very Important Babies program, nor did I enter a contest for a subscription to a parenting magazine back in JANUARY. Yes, the contest I apparently won ended back in February or something absurd.

BAH. makes me blood boil. And to the friend on FB who clicked "like" after I posted about the 'win' - just get a clue, PLEASE? Please?

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  1. Did you get the apology email?

    It was real, and went to the wrong list.

    SDM is going to hear from me again.