Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've got a feeling...

And not a good one, like the Oprah flash mob...

I am still waiting for CD1 to show up. It's been 45ish days since the last one, but between the hysteroscopy, biopsy, various meds I'm not overly surprised the biatch is MIA. That said? if she'd show up, we may still have a chance to cycle before xmas. But it's not looking good. And even if I got my period today, I'd still have to wait to see the RE for ANOTHER internal, and hopefully be good to start suppression meds on CD21. that takes us to Nov 2-3, and then there's another 3-4 weeks of meds before ER-ET, which is end of Novemberish, beta Dec 15ish. Cutting it close for the clinic's Christmas office closure :(  And my dream of announcing a pg at xmas surrounded by family? burst like a balloon.


  1. ((big hugs)) I hope AF shows her face soon so that you can move ahead with your cycle.

  2. i'm sorry that you have that deadline looming, C... i hope CD1 happens sooner rather than later...

  3. I am hoping for you!

    And on a funny note, let me know if you want to borrow my white pants. I always find that helps in, eh, bringing on CD1.