Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm starting to really get down about things IF related...and unmotivated in general. my husband doesn't *get* the issues, and that's just compounding things. DGT is still MIA, and today is day 55. just figures that the one time I would like her to show up (last cycle was only 26 days!) is when she takes an extended absence. figures. stupid biatch.

so i guess that's why i've been quiet. nothing to report, and nothing new to bitch about. if you need me, i'll probably be in the corner with a quart of ice cream...

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  1. ((big hugs)) I really hope that AF will show up soon so that you can move along.
    She did the same thing to me on our cycle before this IVF. It's really frustrating not too have her show up when we want her to be here. ((hugs))