Monday, September 14, 2009

Great article - Life after Infertility

Just finished reading a great article about Life after Infertility. So much of what she wrote rings true, and we haven't moved past infertility yet - still struggle on some level from day to day to day.

in other news, I'm feeling ok. Had some biopsy-area irritation when I actually tried exercising yesterday, so I will be taking it easy for today. I'm at work (gasp - seems like I'm not here more than I am lately), but y'know, taking it easy :P I think I'm O'ing, so will make an appt to see the RE in a few weeks from now for the hysteroscopy/biopsy/possible IVF follow-up appt. If we are given the green light, we could start meds by the end of next month, and ER/ET would be a few weeks later. Still time for me to go home and give my parents the best xmas gift ever - the BFP announcement... here's hoping...


  1. Good luck Chelle! I strongly hope that you'll get the green light and you'll have the most amazing x-mas gift ever!

  2. Same here! :)

    I'm putting aside summery baby girl clothes for ya, and sending lots of good vibes out for that Xmas announcement.