Saturday, September 12, 2009

Biopsy update

Ok, so I'm updating Saturday instead of Friday, my bad.

ANYWAY. The biopsy went as well as expected, I suppose. I was pretty anxious Thursday, when I was told the appt would be at the colposcopy clinic... But I took a muscle relaxer (I heart Aleve) and hoped for the best.

I first met with the nurse, who knew next to nothing about my history (because I was a special case that was fit in to the schedule), so I gave her the deets on that, and we had a great chat. Then I went back out to hte waiting room & was feeling pretty loopy... I got called in to the exam room, and a nurse & the OB were there. I really liked the OB. She wanted to fit me into the schedule as she knew about the (hopefully) upcoming IVF and didn't want me to wait too long, as she's going on vacay in a week or so. Really, the whole staff was wonderful. And there was a poster (dolphins with sunglasses, hee) on the ceiling to take your mind off the fact that someone was biopsing (?) your girly bits. Made me giggle. Oh wait, maybe that was the meds ;)

The OB didn't do the whole coloposcopy, just took a quick peek, then froze the area & did the biopsy. "It's just like a little cookie cutter..." is not something you want to hear, when the 'dough' is your va-jay-jay. Just sayin'. It did sting quite a bit, but wasn't unbearable. She said that the irritation is definitely clearing up, yay! I ended up taking the afternoon off - I could've worked, but every time I changed position (sit/stand, etc) I got stabby/pinchy pains, so figured it was better if I didn't. I met J across the bridge & then went home & slept off the meds.

Feeling all right today... I will meet with the RE when my next cycle starts, and get the results then. I will also have a follow-up appt with the OB sometime next month, just as a 'going forward' thing - a chat more than a physical exam. PHEW.

So, until then? we wait. I'm getting awfully good at that :P


  1. So glad to hear that it all went well and you will be all set to cycle soon.:)

  2. I'm predicting a "just before Christmas" BFP so you can share the news with your folks in person :)