Friday, June 12, 2009

what's in a dream?

After about a gazillion pg announcements in the last week, I had a very realistic dream last night that I too was one of the 'lucky ones'. I remember thinking that it was the evening of CD 29, and thinking "hey, why not test for the fun of it?" and surprise, "PREGNANT" appeared, along with my beta numbers (hahahahahah). I ended up taking like 5 tests over the time in the dream, and yup, each was pg, and the beta numbers just kept going up, UP, UP! and we were sooo happy in the dream. I was even trying to fit the baby poem that I have saved somewhere on my computer into the frame I bought for my parents for when we give them the good news (if ever).

Ahhhh to dream. someday I'll get to use that frame, right? RIGHT?


  1. Oh you never know! Don't give up on that dream! :)

  2. I didn't even realise that we had the same post
    See! There must be something in it. ;)

  3. Twas the month of the announcements, huh?

    I love and hate those dreams. And yes, you will get to use that frame and you will get to make an announcement and you will, most importantly, get to be a mom. :o)