Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Negative Nelly...

I found out today that a co-worker's wife is due with their first baby in September - a month before their first anniversary. While I was AM happy for them, the fact that they were pg so soon after the wedding felt like a knife through me.

I ran into the same coworker in the elevator as I was leaving, and I congratulated him (didn't have a chance at lunch when I first heard)... another coworker had been going on about "oh, I knew when I first asked you a few months ago... most people are trying for kids right after the wedding..." and i made some comment about how they were lucky, as not everyone's so lucky. "oh, you just have to be patient.." ya, well, 4.5 years off the pill - is that patient enough? Gah, it just ticks me off that he's able to be so non-chalant about it, but hey, he must have super sperm (and uh, ew, i never really wanted to think about him that way... wtg, chelle...) that it's easy to tell people to relax.

I think I'm actually going to email him and apologize for being grumpy & negative. I truly am happy for them, even though it's just another couple to add to the ever-growing "list o' people who are pg before me"...

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  1. **hugs**
    It sucks sometimes to hear that everyone around you is pg, but you.
    I had a simillar story happen today: A co-worker of mine came by (totally random and just to relay this message) to tell me that so and so is pregnant with her 2nd daughter and she couldn't be happier. I have no idea who she was talking about as I don't know the person. Oh, she thought I did. WTH!

    Hang in there because you'll be preggers too. ;)