Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well now. Isn't this cozy y'all?

So, things have been progressing on this end kinda rapidly lately. Some ducks jumped into a row all on their own, much to my surprise, and now we're on the road to IVF. Like really on the road. Like, back to weekly acupuncture, doing testing (SFA & bloodwork) this month, followup at end of April, and maybe BCP in May. There is no wait list for the clinic, i've got money lined up for IVF + ICSI, and the medical plan will cover at least 80% of meds. Possibly more, depending on my timing with the pay & comp people (i'm eligible for our drug coverage as of Apr 27, so if i can get the papers signed & back to Ottawa before May 1, i'll have coverage for June 1...). I suppose an extra month of BCP is worth the addtional coverage, but just another choice to make. But I dye-grassssss, I dye-graaasssss (if you're lost to this reference, check this awesome you-tube clip here).

On top of everything, I was told today by two of the managers I work for just how busy the next few months are going to be for me. 'oh, XXX dept will keep you hopping for the rest of the summer' and 'oh, YYY is going to keep you running...' I can't do two positions worth of work really well, while only working 7.5 hours/day (and only getting paid to do one position). I mentioned that today, and while I know that my co-workers appreciate the work I do, I'm scared that the stress of trying to get everything done properly, and for when everyone wants it, could compromise our situation when we finally do get around to ER/ET. I will 'feel bad' for taking time off (if I need to) for ER/ET, etc. Christ, I might not even be working for these two groups come next month, as while the fact that I'm employed (until at least November) is secure, what I'm actually doing is subject to change as required operationally. Bahhh.

I know that we could wait to cycle until September, when things start calming down a bit, but my god.The ducks are (almost) lined up in their row, and we may choose to wait LONGER?? srlsly? We're coming up on our 2nd bench-a-versary, and I'm sick of always waiting for something. I know 'there's never a perfect time to get pregnant', as you hear TTCers say over and over, but bah. I just don't know. Maybe my hubby's tendency to overthink is rubbing off on me.


  1. This is excellent news, Chelle! I'm so happy that things are progressing... and there is no perfect time, but any baby time is a good time to me. :o)

  2. Glad to hear things are progressing well - I personally think you should just go for it. If you have to be away, they'll deal with it.

    (Hah, says the person who stresses over every time I'm gone from work - do as I say, not as I do. :p )

  3. That's awesome news Chelle! It's definitely nice when all the ducks are lining up.
    I don't think you should let the stress of work get in the way (I know easier said than done), but things happen in life that are way more important (cycling being one). If you need to take the time off, then do so, and work will just deal with it.
    Whenever you decide to start cycling, I'll be here cheering you on. :)

  4. EEEEEEEE! I wish I could be as eloquent as the other girls, but this is all I think of when I try to say anything wise. :oD

  5. I agree with Christie - just go for it!