Friday, April 10, 2009

brain dump..

Not much going on here, just felt like writing for a bit.

  • friends out west who did their IVF in March got their BFP this past week - I can't be more happy for them...
  • but at the same time, when will it be our turn? or will it?
  • J had his SFA this past week, and while we don't have the results yet, there was blood in his sample (hematospermia). I shouldn't have Googled that, it doesn't look good at all...
  • We'll get the results at our follow-up at the end of the month...
  • Here's hoping the sample is fine, and they don't need a re-do, or we'll add another $225 to the running tally
  • Waiting for DGT to show up so I can get bloodwork done for the clinic... should be here any day, but who really knows. Bitch always shows up on her own schedule...
  • bloodwork needs to be done between CD2 & CD5 - if I don't get DGT soon, I'll have to push back our follow-up (and everything else)
  • I've decided not to tell my parents we're going to cycle this spring/summer. Well, as much as possible. I know they mean well, but I just don't want ALL the questions.
  • And I want to surprise them. After years and years of this IF bullshit, I still want to surprise my parents. Is that sad?

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  1. I hope your fallow up goes well and you'll get the clear go ahead to move forward.
    I hear ya on not sharing with family. I did the same. They know we are cycling sometime in the next 2 months, but I just can't deal with the questions and lack of understanding what this all entails emotionally and non-emotionally. And I don't think there is anything wrong with still wanting to surprise them. I do too.
    I started bawling the other day that I can't surprise DH with the news
    **big hugs**