Sunday, February 22, 2009

A tad bit sensitive..

I had to go to a training course for work on Thursday - Managing Priorities. The course itself wasn't that bad, but during the friggin introductory thing, I wanted to kill the facilitator. There's 15 of us around the tables, and him at the front. He's going on about all the different things people have going on in their lives - volunteering, work, exercise, etc.

Instructor: "how many people have children here?"
Probably 3/4 of the room puts up their hands. Buddy looks around and says "Well. Michelle doesn't have any kids. Would anyone like to give up one of their children to Michelle??" GAH. What do I do? I'm sure he meant "so that such-and-such can free up some time to do XYZ with" but to me it was just pointing out a huge sore spot. Maybe there's a reason we don't have kids yet, dumbass?? Gah, it still pisses me off. Something so innocent shouldn't bother me, but oh it did.


In other news, I feel another round of pg announcements coming on, even though I can't possibly figure out who's left to get pg. I did get one 'announcement' of sorts today, but *shrug* what can a girl do, eh?


  1. What the HELL!? See, now, I don't think I could've let that lie. I'm a smart ass though, but I would have had to give him a "I'm sorry, but I don't see where the funny is in that joke".....I'm mad just reading it!!! People can be so insensitive.

  2. Gaaaahhhh - I probably would have made a flippant comment that would have pissed off the parents, knowing me.

    I hear you on more pg announcements - I can feel it too. I won't be surprised if a few come up in the next couple months.... now that I think about it, I got another one on the weekend, so yeah, I think it's starting again.

  3. So not cool.

    I really hope one of us gets to make one of those pregnancy announcements one of these days. That's a trend I wouldn't mind jumping on.

  4. That must have been incredibly difficult. It is one thing to be asked who has children but then for the facilitator to mention someone giving you one of theirs. Augh. I personally do not feel it is too late to contact the person and send a quick email explaining that there should be some sensitivity to different life situations and while you realize it was just a passing remark that without knowing it it caused some pain and upset. I'm all for educating others. If they don't know, they will repeat the same mistakes again and educating that one person could prevent others being hurt in the same way in the future. I'm so sorry you were made to feel uncomfortable.