Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aaah the indignity of infertility

Nothing says fun like sitting in the hallway of a hospital in a gown and robe, naked from the waist down, except your black socks and pink shoes still on. Then to have a speculum shoved into you, a catheter and then have your insides blown up full of dye. I never knew that one minute could be so much pain. That was a motherfucker of a procedure. I varied between trying to stay conscious and wanting to punch the doctor. Gotta love the HSG. :p On the bright side, looks like everything is all clear, though he couldn't get a good view of the left tube - likely because I was nearly on the freaking ceiling due to the pain. The pain luckily only really lasted during the procedure, but I did take the day off, which was wonderful. I love afternoon naps. :)

Also yesterday I had a good phone visit with my godmother. We chatted quite a bit about my infertility - she felt bad telling me about her son's wife expecting (who is nearly 10 years younger than me) - but it didn't feel bad. I'm not saying that no announcements will make me unhappy in the future, but I feel a bit of calm right now. Even my godmother said that I had a "lightness" in my voice and it's true - I'm surprisingly happy these days - which is a miracle considering how awful I can get this time of year. Let's hope the happiness continues.

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