Friday, December 26, 2008

Onto 2009

Man, I hope that 2009 is a bit happier than 2008, for all of us. Even though I can't say 2008 sucked, per se, it still wasn't the greatest. I think our relationship overall is SO much stronger than before (I don't even want to think of the winter 2005-2006 it was so god-awful), we had some kick-ass vacations, made and continued some wonderful friendships, started a new job that I really like and we're doing just a-okay overall. But the damn infertility stuff just hangs over my head. I had some delusional thoughts that this month would be great - I'd test positive on Christmas Day, be able to tell family at Sviat Vechir (Ukie Xmas Eve) on the 6th, blah, blah blah. Silly me. Nope, I wake up to cramps and my period instead. So another trip back to the 'Peg without good news. I am so grateful that our families don't bug us. I say it's because they don't care, James says "No, they care, they're just not rude". Hah.

Meanwhile, I don't think I've consumed more wine in my life than I have in the past few weeks. Figure I'll get my drinking in while I can - I suspect I'll probably cut back severely once we get the call from RFP. I have a gym membership that is languishing in non-usage, but again, after the holidays, I hope to get back at it. I'm fatter than I've ever been, my feet are killing me, I get tired easily and I know it's because I haven't been working out and keeping my body in at least maintenance shape.

Big hugs to everyone. And a very happy 2009 to all of us.

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