Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Add another to world...

Of IF bloggers, that is.

I'm JL, 28, and frustrated as hell. We pulled the goalie in January 2007, assuming it would happen in the first month. Boy, were we wrong! Almost two years, a laparoscopy, a few rounds o' Clomid, and so-much-sex-it-makes-my-bed/couch/floor/wherever else-hurt later, we're still looking for that game winning goal.

I've got Stage 1 endo, he's got "excellent sperm" according to our OB/GYN which together, should make a baby, right? My tubes are reasonably clear, I'm ovulating, and dammit, we're having sex at the right times.

Today, a good friend emailed me with a secret. Her best friend just peed on a stick this morning and found out she was pregnant and my friend had to share her excitement with someone. In the email, she said she was so relieved because they had been trying for three months and were worried they were infertile, because that would be the "worst thing in the world."

Tell me about it, sister. I scowled, took a swig of my coffee, and let out a silent scream.

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  1. Oh dear lord, J. :( I don't know how you held it together. Sorry you had to join us here, but glad that we could give you an outlet if you needed. Big hugs.