Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate being a whiner.

but man, there are some days when people ask "are you ok?" and I just can't fake it.

Today folks, was one of those days.

Another pg announcement, this time, 12 weeks along. There's more to the story, but as usual... as much as I'm happy for the parents-to-be, it sucks to be blindsided with the announcement. Blindsided to the point where I cried at my desk (on and off, but full on bawling when I was) for like 15 minutes. And to the point where I finished off a bottle of wine on my own after work.

I'm just done. I don't know that I can take another blindsiding like that.

I've whined to anyone who'll listen, and I feel like shit, but blah. I don't wanna be the whiner anymore. I wanna be the one making the announcement. Which I realize will make other gals with IF issues feel like shit, but dammit, I want it to be my turn to be on the other side of the fence for once. I want them to be over there too, but bah. Looks like I just can't win. What the hell is new?


  1. Right there with you, sister. I was blindsided with another announcement yesterday -- an "accident" which the person told me they weren't sure if they were going to keep at first, but decided to go with it... yeah, not the thing to say to me...

    Hugs, Chelle.