Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's funny...

what news hurts and what I'm able to fluff over, and not let bother me. And not in that 'har har' way, either.

Take today for instance. I found out that an internet acquaintence of mine had a successful IVF, and is now due wahtever-9-months-from-now is. Yay! Diva's knocked up! Sweet! While reading the thread though, I saw that one of the other girls who got married on the same day I did, way back 4 years ago, has a 15-month old now. So they would've gotten pg somewhere around their (our!) 2nd anniversary, and here we sit, still benched. Any elation I was feeling from finding out about diva's pregnancy was pretty much dashed half-way down the page when I saw the news about the 15-month-old. And it's not that I'm not HAPPY for the parents & beautiful little girl (ok, I went stalking a little bit...), but ugh. Just Ugh.

I'm waiting right now to find out if another friend's IVF cycle was a success... I really really hope it was. If it's not, I honestly fear a little for her mental & emotional health :( Effing infertility.

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  1. Yup, it's the "I'm happy but it still sucks" phenomenon - and to be honest, I think it's okay when you're just not happy about someone's pregnancy. We're human, we have feelings. JK and I had a long conversation about this today, actually.

    :( Big hugs.