Monday, November 28, 2011

stupid momlympics

My friend had a little boy (G) 5w after Joel was born. We talk pretty much every day, and often i feel like the crappiest mom EVER by end of convo. i know she doesn't mean for this to happen, but I can't help when i hear abt G.

let's see, G is almost walking (joel's only been crawling for a month now), he sleeps thru the night (j wakes 2-3 times), he eats a shitton of solids (j got really picky when he was sick), g loves his sippy cup (j hates it..), G will sleep anywhere, yadda yadda - the list goes on. I know I've "let" these situations happen with Joel, but I don't know how to fix em now.

I hate that I'm comparing my perfect little muffin man to another kid, but i can't help it. I feel like i'm failing him, but i can only do so much & with the amt of sleep i get, i don't know what else to do. in the end, I feel like a sucktastic mom. I KNOW that all kids are different, but it's still hard to not compare.


  1. hey, M... it's timely that you wrote this because i just read a blog post about the same thing... ...

    btw, one of my friend's sister's had a little boy last year... he's been early to hit 'milestones'... she has no mommy friends... wanna know why? because she's been known to tell other mommies "your kid isn't behind; my kid's just advanced for his age." turns out, other mommies don't like people who think that hitting milestones early has anything to do with how you parent them...

    everything awesome your kid does is because they're learning DESPITE you and what you are/are not doing... :P

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