Saturday, November 5, 2011

(not so) RAD

We spent the evening before Moo turned 10 months old at the IWK's emergency dept. Baby boy has been sick/teething for close to a week, but had really been wheezy off & on since early in the week. His puffers (such a struggle) didn't seem to be doing much good, so off we went.

We were seen fairly quickly, and it was determined that he has Reactive Airway Disorder (RAD - They won't classify it as asthma (yet), because it's only his second episode (first was back in May). Poor kid had 20 puffs of ventalin in less than 3 hours, plus an oral steroid. :(

On top of everything, he's had a little 'scratch' by his nose for the last few weeks. Last Friday as we were leaving for sign language class it started bleeding, so i popped a bandaid on, no prob. It had looked like it was healing, but all the aero-chamber action on Thursday aggravated it again, and it started bleeding profusely while we were at the hospital. Turns out it's a hemangioma (, and may need to be cauterized. :/ my poor muffin bum :(

So we left hospital with orders to give 2 puffs of ventalin every 4h for first 24h, and then 4x/day until "you're sure he's better", as well as a second dose of oral steroid that we were to give him this morning (took like a champ). I really do hope his breathing clears up soon - makes me sick to listen to my baby wheeze :(

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  1. Poor little guy! Poor mom and dad! A lot to experience in a short time. K has a puffer too and they've been reluctant to diagnose as asthma as well but he has flare ups everytime he gets a cold. Scary stuff :-( The good thing is we know the IWK is such a fantastic place and we're so lucky to have such a wonderful hospital when we need it. Hope little J is on the mend soon!