Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Funny Bug(ish) story

I know, this isn't part of our infertility story, but in a way it is. This is the story of how we got engaged, way back in October 2002. This is to be considered as an entry  in the Raid Bug Story contest at 5 Minutes for Mom (chance to win one of 2 $500 Walmart gift cards. WOOT!)

Anyway.. I digress.

It was the Friday evening of the Thanksgiving weekend, and we were set to leave for J's parents place a few hours away the next morning. Our apartment was a mess, and I was contemplating staying home to clean (and umm, avoid the ILs?)... Well, sure enough, don't I see an ant or something similar in the kitchen after dinner, and then I decide, "that's it! I'm staying home and cleaning all weekend!" and then I stomped off into the bedroom to grumble about what a sty the place was.

A while later, I can hear J rumbling through the cutlery drawer, and I was like "wth is he doing??" *grumble grumble*... then he calls me out to the kitchen, all apprehensive like. "Uh dear? Can you come here for a sec? There's something I want you to see..." and of course, I just figured it was some new, huge bug. So, I reluctantly got up, and went into the kitchen. He pulled open the drawer for me to see "the bug" and nope, no bugs, but the engagement & wedding rings I'd had my heart set on instead!!

I spun on my heel, mouth agape, and said "YES!!" and then went with him to the ILs that weekend, bc screw cleaning. there were wedding plans to be made!! :D

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