Tuesday, April 19, 2011

couple things off the list..

I finally managed to make our thank you cards for baby gifts received & compile addresses etc for TYs & birth announcements. As usual, once I decided on a design & had everything cut, the cards went pretty quickly. I outsourced the birth announcement design to my friend Laura at Laura Made This, because well, I photochop as well as I run -- I don't. She had these designs done up in a couple of days, and I just printed em, trimmed & voilà! I was able to put both TY & announcement in one env with one stamp, bonus. I still have to do the labels for J's family's announcements, but my time to use the laptop is precious, i don't wanna frig with stupid open office :p ah well. i could just write em out but that'd be much too easy :p

mom has been on me to send get the cards done for a while, and I have to admit it feels good to have that off my shoulders.

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