Thursday, February 24, 2011


is what an 11 pound 7-week-old looks like, when he's asleep on grandma's knee.

mom & i took spark to the Public Health drop in today, to get him weighed, and imagine our surprise when he tipped the scale at an even 11lbs! that's 2lb3oz gain in 2 weeks!! Even more surprised was the PH nurse, who started grilling me about his eating habits.

This is how our convo went after establishing he is being formula-fed...

Nurse: "how much & how often does he eat??"
Me: "3-4oz every 3 hours, like clockwork.."

N: "do you wake him to feed him?"
M: "of course not!"

N: "and you know that if his lips are closed tightly, that means he's done?"
M: "mhmmm.. we watch his cues for knowing when to feed & when to stop... He may only take 2oz at first, but if he shows more hunger cues before the hour is up, we'll give him the bottle again..."

N: "and you're sure you're not waking him to eat?"
M: "no!"

gah, I was so frustrated by that point. she seemed sweet enough, but dude, listen. he's fine, honest. so for the rest of the day, we've giggled about it, and how incredulous she was that we DON'T over-feed him, just watch for his cues, as we should. In fact, he ate at 715 this eve, and mom & i expected himto wake up almost three hours ago for the next bottle (he's honestly like a little alarm clock, set on 3-h intervals), but nope - still sleeping. So I'm sure as hell not waking a baby to feed him! I have enough wits about me to at least know that :p geesh. He has squawked a few times for his soother, but once he gets that, he's happy - and so am I.

other than that, we're doing ok. i'm being watched by our dr for ppd, but so far i'm ok. i am getting a referral to a counselor though, ad i've been feeling a tad overwhelmed, but that's perhaps another post for another time...

Before I go, a big shout out to the gals in the Braces Bunch :) These are a bunch of gals in various stages of IF supporting each other via internet & snail mail, etc. Thanks for letting me join your lil group!! :)

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