Monday, February 7, 2011

First day home alone..

well, alone with Mr. Joel, and we've survived! In addition to mere survival, I've swiffered & steam mopped the main floor, made bottles, sorted a whole shwack of mail, had a shower & gave tub & sinks a good swish, cleaned cat litter (which, after 10 months of doing is a bit extra-disgusting...), did dishes, spent over 30 minutes on the phone with EI re: my sick/mat leave claim, changed a bum or two :P, did some tidying & straightening and spent time snuggling & lovin my baby boy (oh, and I played a bunch of Angry Birds while he slept in my arms. Shoot me). Baby boy is extra sleepy today, hence getting stuff done. But now that I know i *can* get stuff done while he sleeps (and he slept through a chair falling while he napped 10 ft away), hopefully this will continue to motivate me to keep the place a bit straighter. Today's motivator of course is that my mother will be arriving in Halifax in about two hours (YAY!), so the place needed a bit of sprucing up :P

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