Friday, January 21, 2011

mom guilt - i haz it

so, we're 17 days into this parenting thing, and just as with the birth (which yes, i'll finish that story up soon), things are going well, but we've modified our "plan" a bit..

I'm breastfeeding and pumping (and have a scrip for domperidone), but Joel also gets formula. Gobbles it down. I don't know of he's just not getting my hindmilk, or what, but he lurves his little bottles. cool. a bit of mom guilt on the formula front? yup.

we gave him a soother tonight.. 17 days with a soother already is probably going to eff up what bf relationship we had, but he would not soothe otherwise. Well, sucking my finger for hours at a time also worked, but it's a bit limiting. so soother guilt - yup, got that too.

i have also put him in the playpen - excuse me, playyard- on his tummy a few times. and know what? he sleeps a lot better than on his back, as recommended. going to mom hell? looks like it.

i know that the only things that matter are that he's loved (he very much is) & that he's growing/developing normally. which, according to the dr he also is. regained his birth weight even... but i still feel like i'm doing him a disservice with everything. but i don't want to starve him, etc, hence the mom guilt.

and wow, only 17 days and i feellike this - what will the next 17 yrs bring???


  1. I'm going to address each of your guilts:
    1) Squish was supplemented, and she's a pretty awesome, smart, well-rounded, attached, healthy kid. It might be short-term supplementing, it might be long term. As long as he's eating, it's good. "love 'em and feed 'em" doesn't specify how he's fed.
    2) Soother guilt? Balderdash (yes, I just said balderdash). My kids had them from the day they got home from the hospital. I call it volume control. :oP
    3) My doc actually recommended letting Snort sleep on her tummy for a bit when I was present to watch her.

    You're doing great.

  2. Welcome to parenthood, one looooooong guilt trip. Ain't it great??? My thinking with kids and changing my parenting plan is: if it doesn't hurt them emotionally or physically and it makes life easier for everyone... then it is okay.

    You are doing great! keep it up!