Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just fat..

not diabetic! WAHOO!

Like I've said all along "I don't have diabetes, I'm just fat." I did the gestational diabetes screening test this morning... finger prick after fasting (result was 4.8 - normal is between 3.0 and 7.0), then I drank the trutol, and had 2 more draws of blood taken, one- and two-hours after the drink. The nurse called me later this afternoon, and "your results were perfect". She sounded pretty damn flabbergasted... as if she couldn't understand how someone my size isn't diabetic. OY.I've dealt with this type of comment in the past (dr. bastard, any time a new health care worker noticed I was taking metformin, etc), and it just burns my fat arse. BUT, it doesn't matter, bc I'm not diabetic.

Although y'know, I bet y'all $10 that they make me do the test again in about a month or so.  Just because.... Oy. Whatever. I'll pass it again then too. so there.

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  1. They can't make you. I'd (politely) tell them to stuff it. :oP