Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy day! (27w update..)

First off, I had my 27w OB appt this morning, and it went quite well..
  • bp was in about the same range it's been all long, hb was good (150bpm), and when the resident felt my tummy, she said that good ol' standby "yup! gonna be a big baby!" pfft. whatever, not much i can do at this point. 
  • i got booked in for my 'official' gestational diabetes test - thursday morning. fasting, much gross orange drink & blood draws. fabulous :( eh, i'm not too worried as the first test came back well within range, so *shrug*. 
  • on top of the GD test, also scheduled the next OB appt (17tg - 29w1d), and i have an u/s appt on the 25th (30w2d), so the appts are coming fast & furious now. 
  • best part of the appt was the fact it was scheduled for 9:15am, and by 9:10, i had already completed the portion of the appt with the resident & seeing the actual OB was just a formality. back at work by 10... usually you wait at least an hour just to see the resident.
once i was back at work, i got an email abt a work baby shower for sparkle at the end of the month. he's gonna be one darn spoiled kidlet! We also set up an email acct for kidlet so we could put baby-related appts in our google calendars in their own calendar. Super geeky, i know, but hey. not like the kid won't need an email address at some point, right?

And earlier tonight, we bought (and assembled!) a stroller. After Saturday's fiasco, we decided to go back to the stroller we'd been considering before the B-Nimble caught my eye, and bought a Graco FlipIt from Sears. They had the same model at WalMart, but after waiting for what seemed like forever for someone to help us, we realized we couldn't actually test drive the damn thing, as the infant seat was tethered to the side of the stroller for display. So we went across the street & Sears employees were super helpful, so we got it there. I liked the pattern better too :P

In other news :P I had a dream last night htat baby will be born on Jan 27 at 8:18 am. I wonder how close (far?) I'll be?? It was a home birth though, and i know THAT won't be the case. i'd be cool with the date though.

In speaking to a couple of friends last week who are due approximately the same time I am, I felt awfully lucky for how things have been going so far with the pregnancy. One, pregnant with twins, is on modified bedrest already. The other (singleton pg), is on modified duties at work. I'm slowing down a bit, but still working, etc. Still hoping to make it to the end of December as far as work's concerned... 8 weeks - I can do it (especially with a few holidays in there!).

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