Friday, May 28, 2010

Broke down...

this is (epically (yes, that's a word) ) long, sorry.

So ya, I broke down and called my parents after work yesterday to give them the good news.
Mom answered first, so once we got over the initial pleasantries, things went something like this..
C(helle) ya, things are going pretty well over here. Actually, that's why I'm calling. I've got some news for you..
M(om) oh?
C: ya, um, we did our IVF cycle this past month, and looks like we're expecting!
M: oh Michelle, that's wonderful!!!
C: *grinning* thanks, we're pretty excited. It's pretty early, but I wanted to let you know what was going on..
M: just one second, let me get your father.. *calls down* Julius! Get on the phone! Michelle wants to tell you something!
D(ad-zilla): *mumbles*
M: (to dad) do that later! Just pick up the phone!
M: (to me) He's folding laundry. He'll be on in a second…
C: no worries.. Sorry for holding out on you guys.. I just wanted to be able to surprise you..
M: Well, I knew you were working up to it, but wasn't sure when it was going to happen..
*Dad joins in then*
D: hello?
C: hey dad…. So um, how would you feel about being a grandfather again?
D: *verklempt* Oh!!! Wow… I'd like that!
C: good, that'll happen sometime in January.. I'm technically due Jan 31, but I'm sure that will change… Also, there's a good chance it's multiples, so possibly early Jan… I have a blood test on Monday, that will give an idea, but will know how many for sure in about a month when we have our first u/s… 

Needless to say they were pretty excited.:D

I had been planning (um, forever) to send them a picture frame I'd picked up eons ago, with the baby poem in it and have them find out that way, but oh my god, the wait would've been excruciating. I'll still send it out to them, but I just couldn't keep them out of the loop any longer.

I explained that Kim knew, because I needed to tell someone  'family' JIC something happened… They were cool with that - understood that I wanted to be able to surprise them, etc. I apologized (again) for holding out on telling them, and gave them the background on why it took so long to get the cycle going & how I've been feeling (fine, for the most part). Mom said that when she was pg with me (same time of year, obv, where the baby's due the day after my birthday), she felt the 'best she's ever felt!" but that each pg is different, etc. She asked if she could tell my aunt & ext. family there in Regina tonight when they get together for my uncle's bday, and I said that was fine, but to tell my cousins to keep it off FB (J's sis doesn't know yet, etc). I said we were telling close friends & family nowish, but general public won't know until later on.

So ya, that was it pretty much. They're thrilled for us & I feel so much better now that they're in the loop. I can't wait for Monday's test, bc having the official numbers would be good. I do feel very positive about the pregnancy - there's no history of m/c or anything in the fam, and well, the more positive one is, the better.


  1. *sniff*
    Totally in tears here. What a great reaction. I'm so sorry it could not be in person like I know you would have loved but I just know they are bouncing off the walls with excitement for you <3

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  3. That's awesome! :)) And glad to hear your celebration is under way. Soooo happy for you. <3

    (Edited to correct spelling, d'oh!)