Monday, May 31, 2010

Beta day!

I was at the hospital for 8 am today, and out about 8:40.. ran a bunch of errands, and was at the spa when i saw a missed call on my cell (10:30!). It was the clinic, and my nails hadn't been done yet, so I called them back, and got the great news... My beta number was 585, which for almost 5 weeks is 'great' according to the clinic. Especially when you take the general nausea into consideration as well... Apparently there's no way to tell from beta numbers whether the woman is carrying mults or not... just have to wait til the 22nd of June, when we have our first ultrasound. CANNOT wait.

According to the clinic, my due date is Feb 1. The calculator I referred to back in this post calculated Jan 31... my birthday is the 30th... I'll stick with the 31st for now, but really, "baby will come when s/he/they are ready" right? :P

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