Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Also known as 14 DPO. I"ve been feeling all right - no real symptoms to mention, other than the fact that I'm completely turned off cheeseburgers right now.

"But Chelle," you say. "You LOVE cheeseburgers…"

I know, I know. Weird, eh? I am much happier eating a salad right now, than the thought of a greasy burger. In fact we stopped at McD's on Saturday on our way out of town, and I felt ill for the next few hours. Needed a nap, some ginger ale & to continue eating (carrots, amazingly). Was it pg or just the big mac? Time will tell :P

But I dunno.. Getting a few crampies in mah tummy, and wondering if it could be DGT about to make an appearance. I sure hope not (I mean who DOES), but gah. I haven't tested lately, and I don't think J. really wants me to, but I may later this week if the tummy gurgles keep up.

ETA: I thinkt he crampies are just hunger. one grapefruit and some water does not fill a tummy for the whole morning. Shanghai noodles for lunch FTW!


  1. I wish I had some advice for you, but if it was me, I'd POAS at this point but I may have a problem that requires a 12 step program. :P

  2. Ya, I'd be POAS too cause you *should* get an indication by now but I can totally see your reasoning for waiting. No news is good news :-)

  3. I have a POAS problem, as I've mentioned. :P It all sounds pretty promising to me.. ! There are a lot of little twinges and cramps, etc, with early pg as well. You're probably feeling hyper-aware of your body right now!

    You could wait a bit longer, you may get an indication now.. ! Whenever you decide to test, we're all waiting with bated breath. :D

  4. Another POAS vote here. I couldn't hold out that long...
    Last cycle when I got preggers, I had a total avoidance of cheese and I LOVE cheese. So, I think it's a good sign. ;)

  5. Make me another POAS addict (who cares that you are literally pissing something away?!??). But you need to do what feels right for you. Besides you could POAS and it might be a BFN, but turn out to be a postive in a few days... you so do not need that sort of stress right now. Hang tight, it's only a few more days.

  6. How in the heck are you doing it?

    I would have peed on about 10000000 sticks by now. I am in awe of your restraint.