Thursday, April 1, 2010

two two.. TWO posts in one!

AKA injection training & a video clip (NOT of injection training).

We had our appointment at the clinic, and all in all, it went well.. I voiced my concerns about cysts, and the nurse said it's really not much of a concern for them. the suprefact should taken care of anything little, and if there are larger cysts, they'll drain them before getting too far into the stims. so *shrug* I dunno. they're cool with it. I guess I have to be too. Paid too much to NOT trust them, right?

Anyway, after going through the process, she showed us hwo to do the mixing of drugs, and i injected 1ml of saline into my belly... so i can do it! I was pretty nervous (both the nurse & J commented on how nervous I looked) but I did it. And really, I have 3 weeks before i start stims (if the downreg is clear...) so I can play with the saline (they gave me a kit to just 'play with' - no meds, just qcap & saline, etc) and get used to handling the needles & such. All told, it's 12ish days of stims, I can DO this.

Found out that my initial stims dose will be 2x75 bravelle, and 1x75 repronex.... is this average? normal?what was your dose if you've done IVF?

And for part 2 of the post - a couple of articles from twitter today. Well, they're from MSNBC, but I found the link on twitter. THe first is a segment from some portion of today's TODAY show, and the second link is more info on the reporter's struggle with IF. The video segment is pretty bang on, and even though i haven't gone through any of the treatments (yet), it still rang quite true. Thoughts?
MSNBC video clip Psychological impact of infertility


  1. what an amazing video..thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great video -- I wish more people would be this open about their struggles for a family. That said, I'm only open with my friends, not with my parents, so I'm part of the problem. :P

  3. Heh ya, i'm the same way with family...