Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riddle me this....

I was thinking… Way back when, I was officially diagnosed with PCOS based solely on symptoms - body shape, acne, hair growth patterns, etc. No ultrasound. Evah. External, internal, nada. The only one I've ever had was for my foot, and it really didn't do much to forward IVF :P

So, what I'm wondering is this… say there ARE cysts on me ovaries, as happens in PCOS. Nobody knows, bc they've never looked at them. RE said "things looked good" but was that just tubes (bc she said that after the hysteroscopy-in-lieu-of-HSG), or the whole SHE-bang. Not sure.

WE have to go to the clinic tomorrow for injection training (omg omg omg), so I'm going to ask then. Maybe they want to take a quick looksee and make sure there aren't cysts? Also going to the pharmacy today to pick up the suppressant spray. Don't start it til next week, but I seem to be hemorraging cash lately, so best to pick up the meds on payday, y'know?

So much to think about. Soooo much to think about.


  1. I don't know anything, but with my history, if they haven't looked at something, it's probably going to be whacky as a result. Ha.

    I'm hoping you're cyst-free... and happy payday!

  2. Did you ever had an antral follicular count u/s? That's usually part of the dignosys phase at any clinic.
    As for cycsts, are you starting of with the BCP? Normally, that would take care of any that might be present. Good luck!

  3. nope, no antral follicular count, no BCP... because it was determined that I "wasn't the problem", i didn't have a whole lot of tests done, besides HSG/hysteroscopy/bloodwork. Our clinic doesn't start with BCP, so i'm missing those too. right now i'm just in that final wait before i start suprefact. don't know if that will shut down any cysts that may be present, but it's something i'm definitely asking about tomorrow...

  4. You never had an AFC? Without one how did they determine the dose of meds you should be on? Weird. I hope you'll get some answers tomorrow.

    We deal with MFI exclusively and I still went through all those loops. I never had a hysteroscopy so I'm not sure if they were able to determine your AFC through that.

    I'll think of you tomorrow. Good luck.