Saturday, April 24, 2010

Infertility Awareness Week articles...

Here are some articles about Infertility Awareness Week, which starts Monday..

Celebrating Infertility Awareness Week
Infertility? You are Blessed

This quote from the 2nd article really struck me...
So, when you want a child and can’t conceive one, can’t carry one to term, can’t imagine another cycle but can’t imagine giving up… how exactly is the glass half-full?
If you have a loving, supportive spouse, you are blessed... If someone outside your marriage is encouraging you, you are blessed...  If you can afford ART, you are blessed.

Especially after the anxiety attack(s) today, I have to remember that. i DO have a loving supporting spouse, we DO have (many) outside my marriage encouraging me, we ARE able to  afford a round of ART when many can't. I have to remember these things. I am blessed. And I thank you readers for the support you've given me over the many many moons that our IF journey has spanned.

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