Monday, March 8, 2010

we are now...

$7 k poorer... J and I stopped by the clinic this afternoon en route to another appt and paid for the IVF cycle. I cannot believe we're at this point - FINALLY. We're going to go to tomorrow's IVF info session as a refresher (and hey, it's free. Now that we've paid all this $$$ can't afford anything else, hah)...

CD1 should hopefully be sometime this week - I've been having the regular PITA PMS symptoms - super tired, wicked sore back, eating like there's no tomorrow, etc, so I'm sure things will start soon. sweee!


  1. Surreal isn't it...your "someday" has become "now" :-)

  2. I want to start changing "CD1! CD1!". I think it's left over chanting from Telemiracle. :oP

    At least it's better than the gratuitous EEEEEE that seems to be all that I can say as each stage progresses!

  3. Wow. I am so excited for you guys. Just WOW!!