Friday, March 12, 2010

bit of an update...

although there's not really much TO update, I hadn't posted in a bit, so here ya go :P
  • still no DGT. I did take the provera (5 days - mar 3 - 8), and it's not here yet... hopefully soon! Ideally by tomorrow* (I don't ask for much, eh?)
  • we're both feeling much more comfortable & prepared about IVF now, since going to the info session on Tuesday evening. it was about 2 hours long, and near the end, a couple who had gone through IVF with the clinic last year, and was at the hospital (where the session was) to have their baby. It wasn't planned that they'd stop by, but if anything's a testament to IVF working, that is :)
*while it won't really matter when DGT comes, as she'll wait until she's good and ready, if I start flow by tmro, the cycle should be timed such that ER & ET will be the last week of April - J's birthday is on the 28th. With ER/ET that week, EDD is the last week of January or so - my birthday is the 30th of Jan. How neat would that be?

If DGT shows up sometime next week though, I will still be able to make my trip to Ottawa for work, and start stims the day after I get back. ah well. can't do much to bring it on, just Hurry up & Wait, I suppose...

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  1. Glad to hear that the info session went well and I hope AF shows her face soon so that you can get going. :) **hugs**