Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random thoughts while i wait...

1. my cycles are still just as effed up as ever. normal clinic
protocol does NOT include BCP, but would a month or so hurt just so
we're not in limbo bc of 40+ day cycles (todays cd41....)
2. RE was able to get a good view of things last month... should i see
if i can bump up OB followup to get ball rolling quicker? appt's in 6
weeks, don't know whether there's much point...
3. enough of worrying about everyone else. i'm getting shuffled around
at work, and suddenly, time's never looked better to just do this.
things DO have a way of sorting themselves out, right? RIGHT?
4. apparently there's a crazy rate of women from our clinic pg with
multiples lately. i have not shared this with my hubby, as he's
already freaked the fork out.
5. i wonder if the dream i had a while back about having a fully baked
baby boy was actually me, or a friend, who looks a lot like me, that
gave birth to a boy (sex had not prev been known/shared) like a week
6. what to name the twins when they're born? :p


  1. 1. I'm really surprised regulated cycles aren't the would make planning at the clinic so much easier I'd think?
    2. All you can do is try for a bump harm in trying?
    3. Do it. Do it as soon possible. If you keep waiting for all the ducks to be in a row you'll be waiting a hell of a lot longer than you ALREADY have been and they may never line up. Things will work out.
    4. I'd definitely say taking the chance with 2 is much better than with 1 and if you're doing this why not try to with better, a mini C AND mini J would be super cute :-)
    5. Hmm...could have been P!
    6. Depends on if they are boys or girls or one of each! Unless you want to go with unisex names so you get them no matter what :-)

  2. 1. I agree with Tammi.

    2. It's worth a try. If not then nothing is lost.

    3. No point waiting around. Just do it. Btw what's going on at work?

    4. I think it's a personal decision when it comes to how many to put back if the choice is present.

    5. No idea.

    6. It can't hurt to come up with a few ideas. ;)