Monday, August 3, 2009

all about babies...

today was all about babies. I went to visit my friend L & her family this morning, including beautiful little M (one-week old). We had a great visit, and the baby slept peacefully in my arms for over an hour, then I played with the 1.5 yo & talked Pokeman & Lego with the 8yo. But really, I wanted to catch up with my friend, and hold the baby.

Then, after a quick lunch, I went to a shower for another friend, who's now 20 weeks along. She lives in ON, and was home on vacay, so the shower was today. It was great to see her & celebrate the baby, but I was getting antsy after a few hours there. Grabbed a piece of cake after the prezzies were opened, and walked down to meet hubby.

As much as I'm so happy for my friends, and happy that the wheels may be in motion for our cycle now that the hysteroscopy is scheduled, I left in a pretty melancholy mood. Because, wouldn't you know... AF showed up while I was at my friend's this morning. Doesn't it figure? Is it just me, or is that kind of ironic? Everyone else has babies, and I get my period. wunnerful. baaaaaaaaaah.

T minus 31 days until hysteroscopy. thank god.

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