Friday, April 24, 2009

hmmm, let's see...

The Misfit over at Being Infertile posted a fun challenge of sorts for us IF gals....

IF YOU HAD CHILDREN, WHAT WOULD THEY BE LIKE? Come on, if you haven’t gotten to post baby pictures, this one is for you. I arbitrarily declare my little notion open for the next seven days, so if anybody stumbles on this days from now and is interested, they’ll participate.

Here’s what I’m proposing you do (but I can’t force anyone to obey my will. Ah, if only!):
  • Create a post on your blog per the below, then comment here with the link so I can visit;
  • Describe at least one theoretical child – minimum age two, maximum age ten;
  • Share a photograph of said theoretical child (from your baby pictures, a relative, a random kid from the internet – as long as s/he looks like your theoretical child);
  • Tell us your child’s name, first and middle (this will be my best shot at helping to “reserve” names for those of us who can’t hurry up and have a kid so our friends can’t steal the name we really love for their wretched munchkins);
  • Tell us ten things about your child’s personality and attributes (anything from “burps Amazing Grace” to “is in 250th percentile for height as of eighteen months”);
  • If your child is beautiful, smart, athletic, healthy, talented, and virtuous, with no flaws or discernible quirks, I will delete your comment. And when you get pregnant, I'll stop reading your blog.

That is all.

So, I'll bite.

Our children are twins (natch..) - Miss Adele Julie Ryan H.... and Tomas Alexander H... They're about 2.5 years old now. Adele's got corkscrew-curly reddish hair, while Tomas' is a bit lighter, and while still curly, it's not quite as curly as his sister's. Adele doesn't have a lovie, but always carries daddy's old cell phone wherever she goes. Both kids have got the pudgiest little legs & knock knees, and Adele's got the most infectious giggle. She loves to 'tell stories' and does so all day long. She loves to get her groove on, and sings & dances along with whatever's on mommy's iPod. she loves to draw & color... can't tell what she's drawing yet, but I'm sure in time we will be able to with no problems. A free spirit, but definitely has some of mom's stubbornness in her. Everything's done her way, on her schedule. Even bedtime...

The little dude loves to hang in the yard with his daddy. While Adele's got the cell phone, Tomas has an affinity for his jr. set of yard tools - spade, claw, etc. He's always digging & playing in the sandbox. He loves his books, and while his sister is the more outgoing twin, he's a bit more quiet, but not TOO shy. You have to watch out tho - he's definitely more mischevious than his sister. She's got the giggle, but he's got the sly little smile. Not quite a trouble-maker, but keeps us hopping for sure.

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  1. They're beautiful! :) Thanks so much for sharing! It's time to post mine...