Sunday, April 12, 2009

DGT Vibes please?

today's CD34, and I'm really hoping my period shows up soon... I have to get bloodwork done between CD 2& CD5 for the clinic, and our followup is Apr 28. if my period doesn't show up soon, there won't be enough time for hte lab to process our bloodwork for the end of the month [image]

I really don't want to have to push back the appt, as this whole thing has been prolonged enough already. May 2 is our 2nd bench-a-versary, and I want to at least have a plan by then...

Seriously though. it seems so effed up - for years you hope you DON"T get your period, and now? I'm willing it to show up. weirdness.

(DGT = dreadful girl time, hah)

ETA: Thankfully, bitch showed up bang on Monday morning. This could be my last cycle on the bench. WHEE!


  1. I hope everything works out well!

  2. Let the Red River flood! Tis the season.