Monday, March 2, 2009

I told her.

I've been hiding a secret from all of my friends for years. No one knows we're trying to get pregnant, not to mention having problems, but today, I let it slip to a good friend that we've pulled the goalie.

I didn't tell her about our issues. Last fall, when I went for my lap, I said it was something for my icky stomach.

Why don't I tell people in real life, if they're such good friends? Why don't I look for support in my typical support group?

Most of my friends are not in the same boat. They're single, or newly engaged. They think they way I did three-six years ago. They're not in a position to be supportive or even understanding about our issues.

It's sad, but true. Despite my better judgment, I told her. Now, I'm going to have someone else getting worked up about how long this actually takes.

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