Sunday, January 4, 2009

FB statuses you wish you could write....

Mine would say "Christie would like to know who the fuck else is knocked up since half my friend list appears to be". Two more fucking FB status updates that allude to them being fucking knocked up. Two of my high school friends. One who just got married this July. Remember, there were only five girls in my graduating class - and three of them are pregnant right now. My cousin and these other two. Fuck me.

Wow - I think if you went through my posts on this blog, the most commonly used word here would be "fuck". Hah. Whoops.

ETA: So we're at the hockey game with friends of ours - our priest and his wife. Friends that we plied heavily with liquor a week and a half ago when they came from supper. We're deciding what to eat and they make a joke that she gets to eat meat now (it's a fasting period so we don't eat meat now) - and they say she's pregnant, just found out less than a week ago. I'm happy for them, but what just gets me is that she didn't temp, didn't obsess, just thought things were "off" and tested and got a positive. Lucky her. Wish I could do that.

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  1. ack, that's got to be the most disturbing thing, because it's always who you expect least (at least for me). So sorry, C. I know how it sucks.