Monday, July 4, 2011

Six months already..

Dear Mr Moo...

I can't believe that you are already six months old. How time flies!! You're growing so much every day.. You love playing with your toes, and splashing in the tub. Your smile can light up a room, and you love it when people sing or talk to you. You're such a little charmer - everyone's little buddy.

You're not quite sitting up yet, but I'm sure you will be in no time. And then crawling and walking.. your back and legs are strong already, so I'm guessing it really won't be long before you hit the ground running.You will (usually) sleep for a good 5-hour stretch at night, then get up for a bottle & sleep in 3ish hour stints, but Grandma Gina says I didn't sleep much as a baby either, so I guess this is payback ;)

As far as official measurements go... you were 7 lbs even when you were born, and today 19lb3oz (75th %ile) . 20.5" at birth, and 28" now - 90th %ile! Methinks you'll be tall like Grandpa Tom & Uncle Addy! You weathered today's shots like a pro - even the doctor was impressed! The promise of your soother & a bottle was enough to keep the tears from really flowing.

Thank you for joining our little family, we are so lucky to have you in our lives.
Love always,

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