Saturday, May 21, 2011

Think he remembers??

This is one of my favorite pictures from when Joel & I were still in the hospital after he was born. He's latched onto my breast & we're skin to skin. And I'd say he looks pretty content, no?

Tonight when I was trying to get him to settle so I could rock him to sleep, he opened his little mouth wide & it looked like he was trying to latch onto my chest thru my tshirt... think he remembers those few weeks I tried breastfeeding? It still kinda pains me a bit that it didn't work out, but bw newborn, ppd & hubs having brain surgery when baby was 5w, it was one of the things that had to give.

I am quite sure any milk has dried up, but I'm tempted to give him some boob next time he's rooting around. who knows - maybe we'll have a bf relationship after all....

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