Friday, May 27, 2011

A sh!tstorm... literally

Weak stomach? then this might not be the post for you... Consider yourself warned.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but kidlet is generally a once a day pooper. Pooper McGee, I usually call him. Poops are usually around lunch time, and can be heard from the next room. They're generally pretty epic, and half the time they happen when we're not at home, adding a whole level of nasty to the slready epic poo.

So today's poo was a bit earlier in the day than usual, and right after we got home fr brekkie with a friend (yes!). cool, poop was done for the day.

Or so I thought.

On the rare occassion there's an additional poo, it's not usually as voluminous(sp?) as it's predecessor, and easily contained/dealt with.

So this evening we're sitting onthe couch and I can see all his poop-ready signals (grunts, fists) but don't hear/smell/see any the telltale signs of production, other than a couple little farts. no prob.

I finally bring him up to his room to get him ready for bed, and no poop on pants or socks, or on his onesie in the usual spots. Only as i started feeling it smear up his back that I realized I'd been hit with the blockbuster sequel to Epic Poo... EP: Stealth Poo.

Because I didn't realize he had in fact sh!t, the change table cover, rec blanket, onesie, his back & arms were all covered. I called down to hubs to run a bath, bc this was more than wipes could handle. While dad's running the bath, I'm holding Pooper, but i can feel a fine mist on my foot. Yup, Pooper took that opportunity to piss on the kitchen cupboards/my foot. gaaaah. Really though, i had already had spitup & poop on me, might as well complete the Bodily Fluid trifecta...

He's cleaned up & zonked for the night now (in his BROWN jammies, which I thought was only fitting), and I still need to clean up after the bath/pee/start laundry, but gah. what an evening!

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