Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I broke down

Fyi : 2-pks of pee sticks are on sale at Shoppers. 2-2pks are an even better deal. I can't resist a deal (see where this is going?)

Yup, i bought pee tests, even though i swore i wouldn't. I'll test when i getup in the middle of the night, and then, i dunno. I realize any + i get now is trigger, that's cool. Or that it could be a neg right now. That's ok too. It won't be two weeks from now, but at this point, am ok.

In other news, i had coffee (well, iced tea) with another girl from our clinic who has been cycling at the same time. We did our ERs the same day, and her blasts made it to 5dt. It was great to chat with someone who was going thru the same things, dealing with the same ppl, etc. We ended up having a lot in common - both relocated prairie girls (she's from Regina/edmonton), same dates, etc. We may meetup again next week, see how 2ww is going, etc.

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  1. Glad you've found a cycle buddy locally. I know we support you in every way we can but I'm so thrilled you've been able to connect with someone who is going through a similar experience and can connect on a level we're unable to. Yay for new friends!