Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The girl who cried positive?

So after last night's excitement, i couldn't sleep... Which lead to a tea & snack at 1am... Which then meant i had to pee again an hour later... of course i dragged out a test, and it came up within a minute or so... Yay! Which finally allowed me to get a bit ofsleep... Only 3.5h though, and when i tested at 6 (bc now i'm addicted...) possibly the faintest of lines showed up... But not right away, maybe 10min? this was taken 20min post-pee, and shows 7pm, 2am & 6 am from top to bottom.
I'm still counting 2am, as i KNOW it turned within a minute or so, and well dammit, i want to BELIEVE. I showed J. the 2am stick this morning, and he says he's excited, but was just waking up, and has other (read: work) shite on his mind. And then of course, I had to explain to him how the pg timeline works... DGT started Apr 19 (5 wks ago), ER was 2 wks ago & ET was 12 days ago, but yet we're considered 4 wks pg. no wonder the poor man was confused.
I will procure a digital test tonight, but will probably wait til the weekend to pee on it....
oh who am i kidding. i'll post again tomorrow :P


  1. Damn right you'll post again tomorrow. When he sees the big PREGNANT flashing he will be more excited. I'm sorry work is being a pain for him right now so that his mind can't be 100% on this exciting news but it will take a bit for it to all sink in for him, me thinks! The main thing is you are pregnant my dear!!! What a fantastic day for you - one you've dreamt about all your life and it is finally here. A day to celebrate!!!

  2. All of that. Celebrate. Try not to fixate too much on the darkness of the lines: remember, there will be variations in colour, but a line is a line is a line, my dear, and you're looking at a big bunch of them. Wheeeeeeeeee!

  3. Celebrate! Enjoy! This is beyond exciting -- and I am so very, very happy for you!

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

  4. The most sophisticated technology that you will ever pee on? :oP

    I think the line colour variation depends on the test. I know that I had a test at the doctor's that didn't show up at all, but it sure did at home.

    Are you celebrating now, or waiting for the official confirmation?

  5. Totally agree with everyone else. YOU ARE PREGNANT!! And it will take a while to sink in, for both of you! Can't wait to see the picture of the digital test :)

  6. OH MY GOD!!!

    And I agree with everyone else. A line is a line is a line. Girl, I think you be knocked up!!

    OH MY GOD!!!


    Sorry. that might have been yelling. Just so freaking excited for you!! (and J, of course!) :)

  7. WOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Congratulations! These definitely look positive. Enjoy your pregnancy! :)

  8. Eep!! I'm so excited for you BOTH...or could that be you FOUR?!?!?! hehehe A line is a line is a line....and only SPECIAL Ladies in a SPECIAL club can pee that awesomeness! So PEE AWAY!! Enjoy every minute!! CAN you pee NOW! Get off the computer and go....hurry up...we're all DYING to know!...get goin'....bring out the BIG FANCY one you've been waiting for...b/c THE TIME HAS COME! HOORAY!! I say we have a knocked up party soon! <3 Love ya (alcohol free of course!)